Medical Advantage Announces Collaboration with Ascent Healthcare

by | Feb 24, 2021

Sales Referral Agreement Allows Medical Advantage to Offer Ascent’s machine learning enabled Revenue Cycle Management Suite of services 

Medical Advantage, a leading provider in consulting to improve medical practices’ clinical and financial performance at the point of caretoday announced a partnership with Ascent Healthcare, the developer of the groundbreaking Ascent Revenue Management System (ARMS). ARMS delivers a machine learning enabled process for delivery of revenue cycle management (RCM) limiting the number of humans required for medical billing. This announcement comes amid an increased demand for more efficient revenue management during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The ARMS platform improves on each cycle point from claims submission to resolution. Ascent’s technology enabled revenue cycle service platform increases revenue and drives significant year-on-year productivity improvements for clients. The platform includes over 570+ machine learning models with integrated robotic process automated (RPA). The ARMS platform continues to improve, as it “learns” the different levels of detail needed for claims resolution according to each payer, procedure, and more— resulting in a constantly-improving revenue cycle management workflow. 

“We’re excited to work with Medical Advantage, and to become a part of the bigger and broader set of solutions they offer to their clients,” said Bill Stone, Ascent’ Healthcare’s Executive Vice President. “We look forward to working together on a shared goal of bringing clients enhanced efficiency and profitability.” 

There is an increasing demand for more improved revenue cycle management models that bring increased efficiency and profitability, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to depress revenue at medical practices nationwide,” said Chad Anguilm, Vice President of Medical Advantage. “This relationship with Ascent Healthcare allows us to offer our clients an exciting new resource to optimize their workflows around billing, coding, and claim submission anreimbursement maximizing revenue while eliminating labor costs.” 

About Ascent Healthcare 

Ascent is a global healthcare services company providing comprehensive Health Information Management (HIM) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions to Healthcare Providers – Facilities and Professional. We specialize in enhancing their financial performance by delivering high quality services to both facilities and patients in an expeditious manner. 

About Medical Advantage 

Medical Advantage, with our 20+ years of in-practice experience in profitability optimization – together with the overall resources of the TDC Group of which we are a member (a $6B entity serving over 100,000 healthcare providers and organizations as the nation’s largest provider of Insurance, Risk Management, and Healthcare Practice Improvement Solutions) – can help your organization achieve peak efficiency, survivability, growth and profitability through expert consulting on best practices at the point of care. 

For more information about Ascent Healthcare’s software and other products and services the consultants at Medical Advantage offer, please contact Allison Solit at


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