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As an organization passionate about consulting, Medical Advantage is always ready to learn about new and upcoming enhancements. Two of our consultants attended the eCW Summit, held in May of this year in Boston. Lori Green and Sarah Saj — both EHR Managers – are eager to share with clients what is on the horizon for eCW. 

Building Upon V12 

 eClinicalWorks is setting the standard for patient engagement with their upcoming features in Version 12. With a focus on improvements in customization and flexibility, as well as new AI enhancements, eCW will push the boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare technology. 

eCW users everywhere are currently enjoying the existing enhancements from V12. And for organizations that have put in the time to fully integrate V12 for clinical workflows, they will be well prepared for the new enhancements that will be announced at the eCW conference later this year.  

Chipping Away at Clinician Burnout Factors One Enhancement at a Time 

For clinicians, eCW’s new enhancements as an aggregate act as a co-pilot. With the extra work heaped upon clinicians because of EHRs, eCW improvements are poised to reverse these effects that contribute to burnout

Clinicians can also look forward to trying out Playlists.  Playlists work like macros as users can record a series of steps and execute them with a single click in the EHR. Applying this concept to repetitive tasks in the EHR streamlines processes, reducing the number of clicks needed. 

Leveraging AI to Streamline Handling of Patient Data 

Get ready for easier processing of incoming faxes. With AI, patient data, such as the name and date of birth, is instantly extracted. Then, this information is automatically matched with existing records and uploaded in eCW.  

Document types can also be detected by AI – such as an imaging result or lab test. Also, patient insurance card information can now be imported directly into patient records from an image of the card itself – saving time and effort.  

PRISMA’s power insights will have a summary tool that summarizes the patient record into an organized, bulleted format for easy review.   

Risk Stratification Will Assist with VBC Delivery 

Value-based care (VBC) delivery is at the forefront of eCW’s capabilities thanks to risk stratification methodology developed by John Hopkins University. This allows for claims data, EHR data, and predictive analysis to be combined to produce resource-utilized band scoring for risk stratification – ultimately leading to cost prediction and probability of hospitalization insights.  

On top of this, AI can help bridge gaps in care through text and image recognition while also providing potential diagnoses listed on consult notes or highlighting HCC gaps from external or payer information. For even more improvements, healow insights will include bidirectional features along with supplemental data fields, pharmacy data, and additional opportunities for closing care gaps.

Keeping ePHI Safe Amid Security Concerns Surrounding AI 

 AI exploded in the mainstream in 2023, and many Americans are still getting acquainted with it. “Is it safe?” is one of the first questions people have regarding this new technology. Rumors about ChatGPT’s risk of data capture are rampant and some healthcare leaders have issued a warning about how patient data does not belong anywhere near it.  

eCW clients can rest easy. Unlike ChatGPT, Microsoft Azure is not accessible to the public. Thus, PHI will remain securely stored on private servers. These servers are subject to strict governance through Business Associate Agreement (BAA) agreements, ensuring the utmost privacy and protection of the data – an aspect of paramount importance in the healthcare industry. 

How To Take Advantage of the Full Spectrum of AI Enhancements in V12 

 V12 adoption is key when it comes to taking advantage of all these great upcoming features set to roll out after October’s national conference. For organizations using eCW already, preparation steps should begin by reviewing release notes in order to consider settings and options available before testing in a non-production environment. Next steps will include end-user training as needed.  

Lean on expert consulting to help you get the most out of V12. Our consultants can get you up to speed so that your organization will be prepared to hit the ground running for integrating these exciting new enhancements into your workflows. 

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Maximize Practice Performance Through EHR Optimization

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