Telehealth Success: Your Scheduler is the Key

by | Apr 20, 2020 | Articles, Electronic Health Records (EHR)

COVID-19 has changed healthcare as we knew it. For better or worse it’s forced many in healthcare to become telehealth experts overnight. Although, (as we’ve said in many of our webinars) telehealth is not going anywhere, it’s not quite that simple. In fact, this has opened the eyes and triggered new interest with patients. Many are asking new questions. What other technologies can they use to communicate with their circle of care? Can they continue telehealth after the pandemic? As I write this article, getting as many of your patients as possible to use telehealth is critical to not only the health of your patient population, but to the financial health of your practice.

More than ever before, your scheduler is now the key point person in driving patient engagement, patient retention, and sustainable revenue. That’s because the scheduler’s duties and responsibilities need to expand into new areas and tasks for a practice to successfully operate its telehealth-based revenue stream.

Here are 5 key tasks we’ve identified that the successful scheduler will implement:

Medical Advantage can help practices – and schedulers – make this transition easier, faster, and optimally effective. Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic several weeks ago, Medical Advantage has helped practices large and small across the country to get their telehealth channel running smoothly and robustly in hours, not weeks. Contact us to see how we can quickly help you elevate your schedulers to being a key piece of a telehealth program that is more effective not only for the health and engaged care of your patients, but for the sustainability of your practice, now and in the future.

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