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Fundamentals of Orthopedic Advertising

Hosted by iHealthSpot in collaboration with Medical Advantage, this orthopedic webinar offers an overview of the of the orthopedic marketing landscape. Guided by the Vice President of Marketing, Bill Riley, this dialogue sets the stage for notable shifts seen in the market and their ties to online marketing strategies. Executive Advisor Michael Justice and Promotions Coordinator Dyana Gebauer share their direct experiences, highlighting the prominent marketing elements in orthopedics and their strategies for achievement.

Within the healthcare realm, evolution is a constant, particularly in specialized areas like orthopedic practices. Observers in the field are noting transformations such as increased mergers, a rise in NP and PA hiring, and notable alterations in the approach of orthopedic surgeons to patient care.

Even with these ongoing shifts in orthopedic treatment, the foundational tenets of successful online healthcare marketing remain relevant. However, they demonstrate flexibility in adapting to the ever-changing industry backdrop. In this orthopedic seminar, participants will gain insights into the current market dynamics and pinpoint areas ripe for investment in orthopedic digital marketing.

Join the Conversation with Orthopedic Digital Marketing Specialists

Our panel consists of experienced industry professionals, each offering a unique insight into this orthopedic webinar.

Bill Riley, our vice president of marketing, has a strong background in technology, with over 7 years dedicated to healthcare. With Medical Advantage’s wide range of services, Mr. Riley understands the current needs of healthcare businesses.

Michael Justice, our executive consultant, brings 20 years of leadership in healthcare, covering areas like marketing, technology, and RCM. He’s skilled in bringing together healthcare groups to effectively use technology and manage change.

Dyana Gebauer has 16 years of experience in healthcare consulting, focusing on areas like value-based care, risk contracting, and quality improvement. She’s successfully transitioned to digital marketing, helping clients get the most from their marketing efforts. Collaborating with various healthcare businesses, Ms. Gebauer continuously updates her digital marketing strategies to ensure Medical Advantage meets the current market demands.

Get to Know iHealthSpot: Your Orthopedic Marketing and Web Design Expert

iHealthSpot is a trusted name in the industry, with over 25 years of experience in healthcare business. We specialize in digital marketing for healthcare practices. Our deep market knowledge allows our orthopedic marketing team to provide valuable insights to help healthcare businesses stand out in a competitive market.

With our expertise in marketing strategies and as a leading orthopedic web design agency, we offer solutions for most growth challenges in healthcare. Our orthopedic digital marketing team has achieved great results in areas like orthopedic SEO, paid advertising, and social media marketing, and we aim to replicate this success with other specialties.

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