Allison Solit

Director, Marketing

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As Medical Advantage’s Director of Marketing, Allison Solit is responsible for both envisioning and executing high-level content strategy and campaigns – with a history of success delivering for a variety of clients. Responsible for managing and leading large teams containing members with diverse skillsets, Solit brings a mix of innovation, leadership, and marketing instinct to generate, nurture, and convert leads from the top of the funnel to the bottom – and provide scalable marketing solutions that lead to organizational growth. 

Solit’s strong marketing and business background – combined with the agility and adaptability necessary for the fast-changing world of digital marketing – enables her to plan and execute multi-channel campaigns and lead thoughtful business growth strategies. From blogs, webinars, podcasts, social media posts, newsletters, infographics, and other content – as well as judicious use of pay-per-click ads and direct email marketing – Solit’s ability to coordinate and deliver thoughtful, engaging content across a variety of channels has resulted in measurable gains in business growth for both Medical Advantage and its clients. 

In addition to Solit’s leadership on digital marketing initiatives, she brings a wealth of experience in traditional marketing as well as business development. She has led several successful rebranding initiatives, introduced winning digital marketing strategies, and developed creative marketing solutions to unique business challenges across the non-profit, government, IT, R&D, sciences, insurance, and healthcare industries.   

Prior to joining Medical Advantage Group, Solit worked as a Senior Communications Strategist for AF Group. In that role, she was responsible for establishing and overseeing the implementation of marketing strategies and growth for their insurance business units and new product lines. Prior to that, she worked in various marketing, business development, and communications roles for organizations such as the Department of Defense, Sevatec, Inc., and SRI International. 

Solit holds dual Bachelor’s degrees from Michigan State University in Business, specializing in Marketing, and in Communications, specializing in Public Relations. 

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