Bill Riley

Vice President, Sales Operations & Marketing

Bill Riley Headshot

Bill Riley, Medical Advantage’s Vice President, Sales Operations & Marketing, brings over three decades of experience in sales, revenue growth, and go-to-market strategy to his current role, where he spearheads Medical Advantage’s dynamic and ever-evolving sales and marketing efforts. His leadership in the growth and administration of service portfolios, as well as the inclusion and engagement of distribution channel management, has been instrumental in driving Medical Advantage’s geographic expansion within and beyond Michigan’s borders.

Since joining Medical Advantage, Riley has overseen the creation and expansion of the marketing team. Alongside his strengths of lead generation, team building, product marketing and communication, Riley has extensive career experience in IT and telecommunications, and excels at marketing high technology products.

Prior to joining Medical Advantage, Riley held positions at AT&T, Stefanini, and TechTeam Global, where he served in roles spanning marketing, sales and leadership capacities. Riley holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Michigan State University.

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