UDS Reporting Optimization

FQHCs and other organizations must adhere to a different set of rules when it comes to data reporting. Uniform Data System reporting, or UDS reporting, is a standardized set of codes used to evaluate FQHCs. When dealing with governmental bodies, proper coding is essential – Medical Advantage’s expert UDS coding consultants can help.

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Accurate UDS Reporting for FQHCs

Our UDS expertise and experience with FQHCs allows us to streamline data capture, create workflows for proper documentation, automate reports, and enable your FQHC to maximize success in incentive and grant programs. We will review your current workflows and create a plan that works for your practice, including database modifications, staff training, and workflow training documentation as needed by each unique practice.

EHR Support for FQHCs

In an FQHC, efficient and effective workflows will allow you to see more patients, deliver better care, and increase revenue. Years of experience allow us to create workflow optimization for our clients that work best for the unique nature of their practice. Many tasks can be automated, which will free up time for other work – if you are considering implementing telehealth, kiosks, or the patient portal, let us help you create an engagement strategy that will get your patients excited about the new features available to them.

Optimizing Your EHR for FQHC Reporting

Medical Advantage works closely with FQHCs and has specialized knowledge of community health center operations and needs. We provide the EHR training, advice, and optimization to take your health center to the next level. Our FQHC consultants provide tip sheets, user guides, and training programs to utilize the full functionality of your EHR and optimize your reporting. Reach out to our experts to learn how we can support your FQHC.

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