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Our Top 7 Inspiring Medical Practice Website Design Examples

by | Jul 9, 2021

Websites of today are so different than ones from a decade ago — thank goodness. With old websites, you had to hunt around to do the very basics, they were very hard to use on a mobile browser, and let’s be honest – they were not pretty. Modern websites, on the other hand, are user-first, intuitive, and visually appealing.  Below we break down 7 of our favorite medical practice website design examples from our practice marketing solution iHealthspot.

When a medical practice takes the time to fully modernize a website, this helps consumers feel confident about the competency and professionalism of those running it. A stellar medical practice website also presents opportunities to enhance the patient experience and patient engagement. 

While the basic structure of modern websites is relatively uniform, there is much a practice can do to stand out from the rest. A modern medical practice website boldly expresses the personality and mission of the organization, plus the unique flair of its brand. Making the best impression on patients and partners begins with a well-planned and thoughtful web design. 

Medical Practice Website Design – 7 Inspiring Examples 

iHealthSpot recently joined the Medical Advantage family. The teams at Medical Advantage’s Practice Marketing Solution iHealthSpot transformed websites for thousands of medical practices around the country. Each medical practice website is feature-rich and easy on the eyes. Here are seven standout medical practice website examples that have us excited about how modern web design cultivates a better patient experience. 

  1. Riverwood Medical Clinic 
Riverwood Medical Center Website

Riverwood Medical Clinic is a comprehensive internal medicine and family medicine practice located in Bastrop, TX. The mission of this practice is to provide, “high-quality medical care with professionalism and compassion,” with, “personalized care built on a deep understanding.” 

This template design is clean and lets the visitor know right away what they do and the demographic groups they aim to serve. At the very top are buttons for mobile calling, the patient portal, and access to appointment scheduling with “Book Online” in bright yellow. This is a classic example of a medical practice website that intentionally facilitates the patient experience.  

  1. NJ Best OB/GYN 
NJ Best OBGYN Website

NJ Best OB/GYN serves women and families in the Northern and Central New Jersey areas. Their patient-focused plan is to compassionately, “develop personalized care and treatment tailored to the individual.” 

This template-based medical practice website is an excellent use of distinctive brand color. What is notable is that social proof is centrally on display. When an OB/GYN patient is looking for a clinic they can trust, the evidence is right there: clinicians featured as experts in the media, plus testimonial quotes. 

  1. Joint Replacement Institute 
Joint Institute Website

The Joint Replacement Institute in Naples, FL provides personalized orthopedic care using the most advanced surgical procedures, “in a friendly and welcoming environment that makes each visit as comfortable as it can be.” 

This custom-built medical practice website welcomes visitors with a slick 3D animation of their 22,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility. We love what this does for the patient experience. Without stepping one foot in this gorgeous facility, the patient knows exactly what to expect when they visit. Also of note are the stunning graphics that highlight treatment areas, including a diagram of specific locations on the body. 

  1. Carrus Health 
Carrus Health Website

Carrus Health is located in Sherman, TX, and provides patients with a personalized care plan for long-term acute care, physical rehabilitation, children’s behavioral health, or nursing home care. 

Aside from how all the important features are at right the top and easy to find, we love how clearly compassion is photographically communicated on this custom-built medical practice website. Visitors know right away that this a caring facility. 

  1. inSite Digestive Healthcare 
Insite Website

inSite Digestive Healthcare in Glendale, CA, is the largest gastroenterology physician group in California. Their team is committed to providing, “high quality, patient-centered care in a private practice setting.” 

This is yet another example of a custom-built medical practice website that promotes the patient experience. Visitors are presented with helpful information right up front: a graphic that clearly communicates what conditions they treat, an invitation to access to the digestive blog and to browse the education library! 

  1. NIVA Health 
Nvia Health Website

NIVA Health serves patients in various cities in the Midwest and along the Atlantic coast. They offer innovative therapies that give patients results fast without medications or surgery. They treat acute and chronic arthritis, sprains, strains, pinched nerves, tendonitis, and soft tissue tears.  

When someone in pain needs to book a free consultation, they can do this right away when they visit this custom-built medical practice website. This beautiful website provides visitors all the information they need to become acquainted with how NIVA Health can help. 

  1. RIVIA Medical  
Riva Health Website

RIVIA is a psychiatry and psychology provider based in New York City. They take an integrated approach to mental healthcare with a diverse interdisciplinary team that addresses people’s needs beyond medication management. 

What stands out about this custom-build website is how clearly the brand is communicated to site visitors. The river not only tranquilly greets those with mental health challenges, but it also presents a metaphor for their mission. Visitors are invited to have a 15-minute consultation to get started on a path to improved mental health. 

Modern websites follow the same basic standards and structure, but we see diversity in the sample of medical practice websites presented here. This proves that with the power of web design and branding, your brand and mission stands out from the rest. 

Modern Medical Practice Web Design Must-Haves 

In addition to making a website look better, there are other updates to be made to meet the standards of a modern website. A modern medical practice website should have. 

  • HIPAA-compliant appointment request feature – HIPAA and other privacy laws are easily violated when a user form of any kind hasn’t been made secure – including patient request forms.  
  • Secure online bill pay – More and more, consumers want the convenience of paying online, having a secure bill pay feature on a medical practice website makes it that much easier for them to pay you. 
  • ADA accessible – A website is an extension of a medical practice operation. If the facility is ADA compliant, the website should be as well. Making a website ADA-accessible ensures that everyone can use the website, even when they have a disability or impairment. 
  • Mobile-friendly – Search volume increasing on mobile over desktop was inevitable, so mobile-first design came along. When people search for any product or service online, those websites should be prepared for mobile visitors. 
  • Fast loading – Did you know that when choosing what websites to include in search results, Google favors websites that load quickly? What’s more, when it takes too long for a load to page, the visitor will close it and go to a different website. To avoid this, a page must have fast-loading graphics and all other web elements. 
  • Lay-friendly content written for patients – Helping people when they need it most is the builds relationships and loyalty. When it provides timely resources, a medical practice is perceived as caring and authoritative. 
  • HIPAA compliant online forms – The convenience of online patient forms comes with responsibility. HIPPA compliance measures keep online forms private and secure. 
  • Direct access to patient portal and telehealth – Access to patient portal and telehealth provisions not only reminds patients that they have these options, but this is easy to point to so patients can readily access these services. 

Revitalize Your Medical Practice Website with a New & Improved Design  

Perhaps one or more of these inspiring website examples have clarified your vision for a medical website update or you may still have no idea what direction to take – either way, Medical Advantage’s Practice Marketing Solution iHealthSpot has you covered. Unlike most web design firms, we work exclusively with medical operations. Because we only work with healthcare providers, our websites and marketing are done with the specific needs of medical practices and patients in mind

The seven websites listed above are just a few samples of the work of our expert medical website designers. Our team has worked with medical offices for more than 20 years, and our knowledge of the healthcare landscape and digital marketing can work wonders for your medical practice website. When you sign up before July 31, we will revamp your website with no upfront costs, plus you’ll get to try our medical marketing services free for one month. Fill out the contact form here or call (877)709-0999 to get started growing your practice and improving your medical practice website today!  

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