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athenahealth Training:  Customized EHR Coaching to Optimize Practice Operations 

by | Apr 17, 2023 | Articles, EHR (Electronic Health Records)

Like most EHR vendors, athenahealth includes training modules with foundational educational materials created to establish best practices. While Athena training manuals do help, supplemental instruction maximizes return on investment (ROI) and mitigates user frustration that often leads to burnout. By creating a personalized training program that focuses on organizational goals, stakeholder expectations, but especially the needs of its individual users, our experienced athenaOne® consultants are prepared to help providers optimize this robust EHR system.   

Looking for athenahealth training for your EHR?  

Our athenahealth training experts bring decades of EHR mastery dedicated to empowering to harness the full potential of athenahealth’s software suite. With our training strategies, your practice can optimize workflows, enhance patient care, and improve overall efficiency. Reach out now to learn more about how to elevate your team’s proficiency in athenahealth’s solutions. 

Why is EHR Training Important for the Best Utilization of athenaOne®?  

EHRs have revolutionized the healthcare industry by allowing healthcare providers to safely store and share medical records on-demand. However, adopting and fully leveraging this technology in a streamlined way can be elusive for organizations. Enter our experienced EHR consultants. With tailored athenaClinicals training programs, users can gain mastery of the specific features and functions they need to efficiently navigate the athenaOne® EHR system.   

Some of the benefits of customized training for athenaOne® include:  

  • Faster implementation and adoption of current and future EHR setup  
  • Reduced frustration and hindrance of productivity with the system’s applications  
  • Streamlined clinical workflows for efficient completion of tasks  
  • Improved billing accuracy and revenue cycle management (RCM) that reduces errors and improves the financial outlook for the organization  

Medical Advantage’s consultants have a breadth of experience with athenaOne® and offer “provider personalization sessions” during which they sit one-on-one with providers and help them to: 

  • Optimize workflows 
  • Improve encounter close rates with documentation accelerators 
  • Reduce charge entry lags 
  • Reduce physician burnout 

This is how we connect organizations with the most beneficial customized solutions to help streamline virtually any documentation process. For example, we can help build text macros, which are recorded keystrokes that providers use to speed up documentation. Other training examples include gaining instruction on how to manage your clinical inbox, building out procedures for new users, developing customized, simplified templates, and much more.   

How Your Medical Practice Benefits from athenaOne® Superuser Training  

A superuser is a designated staff member who is extensively trained in athenaOne® EHR functionality. As the in-house EHR expert, a superuser is uniquely equipped to provide effective training for new users, readily troubleshoot technical issues, and determine the best customizations for the EHR system. Our expert consultants can help identify and train superuser(s) to ensure ongoing success with your athenaOne® system.   

athenahealth Training Tools Your Medical Practice Can Benefit From  

Because no two practices are alike, our consultants provide customized training tools. Such deliverables include supplemental tip sheets personalized for each user’s role and are more effective compared to the often generic, traditional EHR vendor materials. Our EHR consultants also offer customization for training accelerators which work as catalysts for improved efficiency and performance, including:  

  • Procedure Templates   
  • Order Sets   
  • Saved Findings   
  • Text Macros   
  • Encounter Plans   
  • EPCS (Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances)  
  • Compound Medications   
  • Pre-Scheduling Checklist   
  • Healthwise Content  

With a comprehensive athenaOne® training toolkit, organizations can confidently onboard new hires and keep teams updated knowing they will be trained for workflows that are consistent with best practices. 

What Practices Should Know About APIs and Market Training with athenaOne® EHR  

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) empower providers with better communication and collaboration between different organizations such as fellow providers, pharmacies, or insurance companies. athenaOne® has built partnerships with multiple 3rd party vendors on their athenahealth Marketplace. Communication between Athena and these applications is via APIs; however, without hands-on training, your team may miss valuable functionality.  

With the help of expert EHR consultants, providers can leverage athenaOne®’s unique API model to achieve interoperability with secure ease of sharing data across multiple platforms. With this increased connectivity, healthcare providers can:  

  • Make better informed decisions   
  • Be better equipped to improve patient outcomes   
  • Avoid unnecessary costs   

The athenaOne® API model also boosts patient engagement as it gives them ownership over their personal health data, enabling them to easily share with any healthcare provider involved in their care journey. It also allows functional integration of third-party market applications, such as Zocdoc that expands a practice’s referral network to increase patient volume.  

Summary: Crafting the Right athenahealth Training Strategy for Your Medical Practice  

A robust training strategy is the key to maximizing the functionalities of athenaOne® software as it enhances practice management, clinical staff performance, and patient care quality. EHR training strategy prioritizes financial performance and the patient experience by quipping teams to promote optimal practice workflow and patient satisfaction. Addressing workflow needs through advanced healthcare technology, athenaOne® positions your practice for success, starting from the first point of contact. 

Reap the Benefits of athenaOne® with Provider Personalization and Training  

Our expert consultants are adept at training on athenaOne® software, focusing on EHR usage, answering EHR questions, and integrating mobile app features, RCM services, and patient portal functionalities. Athenahealth consultants also offer insights into leveraging telehealth options, enhancing usability, and understanding key metrics for better clinician engagement, registration, intake processes, and overall patient retention.  

Our hybrid training approach combines automation with personalized guidance to flatten the learning curve of  athenaOne® navigation so that your practice reaps the full benefits of its EHR investment. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you make the most of your athenaOne® software investment.   

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