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What Is AthenaOne? AthenaOne Software Optimization For Your Practice

by | Mar 23, 2023 | Articles, EHR (Electronic Health Records)

Healthcare professionals are tasked with the heavy responsibility of collecting, analyzing and interpreting patient data. Having a reliable Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is not only an efficient means for storing these records, but also ensures safe handling in compliance with various healthcare regulations.  

ATHENAONE® EHR cloud-based platform combines powerful interoperability and functionality including mobile capabilities— to create a comprehensive health information management solution.  

In addition, it provides seamless digital interactions with patients that close gaps in care, reduce missed appointments, and engage patients with interactive tools and services. 

Improving Efficiency by Reducing Software Redundancies 

Athenahealth’s medical practice management solution helps medical practices improve the efficiency of their operations. By reducing software redundancies, ATHENAONE ® facilitates streamlined processes and provides real-time insights. It also is easily customized for more tailored solutions that cater to an individual practice’s specific requirements.  

One of the key strategies for improving efficiency is to cut out redundancies in software. Redundant software not only takes up valuable time and resources, but it can create a confusing work environment, making it harder for employees to locate data when needed.  

Reducing software redundancies significantly improves efficiency within electronic health records, medical billing services, lab results, and more. Even though these services are becoming increasingly digitized, this does not necessarily make them run more efficiently by default. Redundancies cause clutter in the form of excess software processes. By identifying and eliminating such redundancies, the electronic data processing capabilities become much more efficient and user friendly.  

Optimizing ATHENAONE® EHR Capabilities 

The EHR is the hub of practice operations. Unfortunately, many practices experience frustration regarding how cumbersome EHRs can be with excessive clicks that create frustration and staff burnout. The ATHENAONE® system is customizable to eliminate most, if not all, of those frustrations.  

According to the National Academy of Medicine, EHR optimization, “requires a tailored, multipronged strategy that incorporates an organization’s clinician-identified pain points, clinical informatics and technology resources, and clinician and leadership buy-in.” 

ATHENAONE®’s customized templates and automated processes address those pain points by streamlining workflows and freeing up valuable time for patient care. The system also improves interoperability, making it much easier for providers to share information with one another and ensuring that patient visits are more productive. In addition, ample information gives providers data-driven insights to make the best decisions for a patient’s care. 

EHRs are all the more critical in value-based care systems as providers must demonstrate they have met certain quality measures. Comprehensive and precise reporting is crucial to receive fair reimbursement. ATHENAONE® technology is key in providing these quality metrics, as it enables providers to easily: 

  • Track patient outcomes over extended periods of time  
  • Capture audit logs and documentations  
  • Process quality reporting  
  • Identify areas for improvement  
  • Create detailed reports that can be used to demonstrate quality performance  

This technology helps providers understand their quality performance, identify areas for improvement, and see where quality performance impacts reimbursement. 

Additional Benefits of ATHENAONE® Software 

ATHENAONE®’s HIPAA-compliant platform uses the latest encryption technology for data security while controlling access to sensitive information through defined user permissions. With strong authentication requirements, access can be restricted based on specific criteria, ensuring that the right people have access to the right data at the right time. 

For patients, ATHENAONE® provides a user-friendly patient portal that encourages engagement. Increased patient self-service means your staff spends less time taking calls to schedule appointments, share lab results, refill prescriptions, etc. 

Optimizing RCM Capabilities  

Optimizing RCM capabilities is essential for ensuring the accuracy and efficient processing of revenue, billing, and claims. By leveraging automated processes within the fully interoperable ATHENAONE® EHR platform, healthcare providers can improve efficiency and transparency across revenue cycle activities.  

ATHENAONE® RCM solutions help practices reduce revenue leakage, meaning it recovers revenue lost from billing and claims inaccuracy. The system also prevents duplicate or incorrect payments from being made, which saves on administrative costs and promotes accuracy across the revenue cycle. 

Furthermore, real-time analytics allows for even greater optimization as it provides a complete view that facilitates proactive decision making throughout all revenue cycle phases. Ultimately, the software streamlines billing and revenue activities to free up resources to redirect to patient care quality. 

Benefits of A Well-Integrated System 

Many practices struggle with juggling multiple systems. However, with integration, ATHENAONE® users have immediate access to patient records which reduces the time needed to manually search through volumes of information. Furthermore, with integration comes the capability to manage data in customizable formats, giving users more control and workflow efficiency.  

Lack of integration can result in poor communication between patient records and billing that can lead to unfortunate problems like potential delays in care or needless duplicate tests. The better the EHR system is integrated, the fewer disruptions users will experience with records and reimbursements. 

Most importantly, an optimized, well-integrated EHR system also provides enhanced analytics tools which allow healthcare providers to gather business intelligence directly from the system itself; making decision-making easier and faster than ever before. In short, integration and optimization create an automated system that revolutionizes how physicians manage their practice data, freeing them from those logistical burdens and that interferes with providing quality patient care. 

Summary: ATHENAONE® Optimization   

ATHENAONE® EHR is a secure and comprehensive cloud-based solution for tailored practice management. It is built to handle the administration, documentation and communication involved in patient care in an automated way. Its objective is to improve the performance of healthcare organizations by streamlining data management and providing secure access to patient information.  

The software offers providers user-friendly interfaces that sync across multiple devices, making it easy to safely work with patient information from remote locations. With its large library of integrations for medical billing, lab results and third-party applications, ATHENAONE® makes it easier for care teams to work together efficiently. The features available through this solution are designed to be intuitive so medical professionals avoid common technology hassles that take time away from delivering quality patient care. 

Improve Your Healthcare Operations with ATHENAONE® Software Optimization 

If you feel like your EHR is holding you back from achieving your organization’s goals, we can help. Our consultants focus on efficiency, best practices in interoperability, patient engagement, and maximizing revenue. Let us know if you would like to learn more about how ATHENAONE ® can make your operations more efficient.  

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