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Types of Telehealth Services: 4 Examples and their Benefits

Types of telehealth services span a spectrum of technologies and strategies, including live, forwarded, remote, and mobile, applied depending on convenience and practical considerations.   Recent technological advances, coupled with accelerated patient acclimation to telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic, have driven some elements of these options into the mainstream quicker than predicted. Savvy providers and practice […]

8 Steps to Improve Healthcare Accessibility with Telehealth

Telehealth accessibility remains an important factor for providers capitalizing on this increasingly popular and feasible option, made more so during the pandemic. The care alternative that promised key advantages pre-pandemic has undergone accelerated vetting throughout the crisis, demonstrating those advantages as demanded by necessity. Many benefits of telehealth have since been proven. Telehealth is no […]

Geographic Expansion via Telehealth: First, You Need a Business Plan

Telemedicine has been thrust into the forefront this year, yanked from a marginal “early adopter” technology into the spotlight as table stakes for any practice that wanted to survive the COVID pandemic. Now we are entering the inevitable “sawtooth curve” of compound W-curves that will impact the healthcare market into 2021 (at least until both […]

Telehealth: The New Group Practice Growth Vehicle

Over just the past six months of 2020, we have seen an incredibly accelerated evolution in the role of telehealth. It went from a rarely used technology to a basic “table stakes” capability for modified practice re-opening and revenue in the summer, to where we are now, with telehealth emerging as a robust competitive advantage […]

Telehealth Success: Your Scheduler is the Key

COVID-19 has changed healthcare as we knew it. For better or worse it’s forced many in healthcare to become telehealth experts overnight. Although, (as we’ve said in many of our webinars) telehealth is not going anywhere, it’s not quite that simple. In fact, this has opened the eyes and triggered new interest with patients. Many […]