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Everything You Need to Know About Care Coordination Models 

Care coordination models are instrumental in enhancing the quality, scope, and efficiency of healthcare delivery. By adopting a patient-centered approach, these models ensure seamless and well-integrated care across settings and among providers.  What Are Care Coordination Models?  Care coordination models are structured methods that ensure patients receive the most appropriate care, at the right time, […]

Medical Advantage Podcast Ep 12: Treating Rare Disease Through Dedicated Care Management

  Read Full Episode Transcript Effective and dedicated Care Management can be quite literally life changing. Celina Dusseau, Project Manager of In-Practice Technology Services, uncovers real patient stories who were strongly impacted by effective care management in our most recent podcast. Marcie Ward, Senior Clinical Consultant, and Jonathan Broek, Care Manager, join the discussion to […]

6 Things to Consider When Selecting a Remote Patient Monitoring System

The COVID–19 pandemic has significantly changed the healthcare industry’s disposition towards Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). For a significant period of time last year, the global pandemic made it nearly impossible to administer routine vital measurement checkups, like blood pressure as just one example, to patients with chronic care needs. As a result, remote patient monitoring systems emerged as a solution allowing clinicians a means to provide this crucial care to patients in a safe way.  RPM systems have added benefits for practitioners, too: making patient […]

The Face of Population Health: Uncovering and Treating a Rare Disease Through Dedicated Care Management

CMS defines population health management as “a clinical perspective focused on delivering care to groups … and a broader perspective that focuses on the health of all people in a given geographic area (through) multi-sector approaches, and incorporation of nonclinical interventions to address social determinants of health.” While this definition can initially seem cold and […]