Medical Advantage Podcast Ep 9: Chronic Care Management with Cole Naldzin of Wellbox

Medical Advantage Healthcare Consulting

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Care Management solutions are one of the most powerful tools for improving Population Health Outcomes, but many organizations aren’t sure which solution is the best for them, or have questions about how Chronic Care Management can help them boost clinical and financial outcomes for at-risk populations.  

Is your organization searching for a Care Management solution proven to improve patient outcomes and engagement while reducing costs? Listen in for a conversation with Cole Naldzin about our Care Management solution, Medical Advantage Powered by Wellbox, to find out the ways Care Management can benefit both patients and organizations alike. For further information, download our free whitepaper outlining the program’s effectiveness here. 

This is the ninth episode in the Medical Advantage Podcast, where each we take time each episode to discuss the ideas and technologies changing healthcare, and the best practices your organization can take to stay productive and profitable. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts to ensure you never miss an episode. 

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