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Google Ads for Medical Practices: What You Need To Know

by | Sep 23, 2021

Google ads for medical practices can be a tool for to drive more revenue. At times, a medical practice sees too many empty slots in the schedule, and for this problem, Google Ads for doctors may very well be the cure. Also called PPC (pay-per-click), a successful Google Ads campaign puts medical provider ads prominently at the very top of search results.

This infographic is adapted from our previous blog post: Practice Marketing Essentials Series: Google Ads for Medical Practices.

Healthcare marketing strategy is not one size fits all, so you customize your marketing plan by choosing the right avenues for your practice. With all the ways to allocate your marketing budget, you want to be sure to spend wisely. One marketing channel to consider is Google Ads (or pay-per-click). 

How Much Does Google Ads for Medical Practices Cost? 

With PPC (pay-per-click), you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. For the healthcare industry, the average cost per click is $3.17 [Source: Wordstream].  

One of our clients spends around $600 and nets about 14 new patients per month, while another practice spends around $5,000 per month averaging 200 new leads. Our PPC experts advise a budget based on the client’s goals and specific market, so they don’t overspend nor underspend. 

Why Do We Need Google Ads? 

Some medical practices need PPC more than others. Google Ads is a solution for the following situations: 

  • Brand new healthcare providers needing exposure 
  • Highly competitive and crowded local market 
  • Organic search efforts aren’t getting results 
  • Decline in new patient bookings 
  • Marketing budget diversification 
  • Ambitious goals for practice growth 

Keep in mind that not all PPC experts are familiar with healthcare ad rules and regulations, but a healthcare digital marketing team with plenty of medical practice experience does. 

Medical Advantage has expanded its services into practice marketing by acquiring iHealthSpot – a digital marketing firm serving medical practices. We offer an all-in-one practice marketing package that it attracts and engages new patients every month.  

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