Medical Advantage Celebrates National Doctor’s Day

by | Mar 30, 2023

National Doctor’s Day is an annual event celebrated on March 30th to recognize the contributions of physicians who serve our communities and take care of those in need. Since 1933, National Doctor’s Day has been a time to celebrate both past and current medical professionals for their service and commitment to improving the health of individuals and communities nationwide.  

At Medical Advantage, we appreciate the many sacrifices made by physicians who are often overworked, under-resourced, and continuously face serious health risks while dutifully treating those in need. On this day, it is important to make sure we thank our caregivers and recognize all they do for us. 

Our mission is to simplify the delivery of efficient, high-quality healthcare for our healthcare heroes. We achieve this through a range of advisory and technology solutions, delivered both virtually and in-person, aimed at improving physician performance, driving better patient outcomes, and increasing value-based care revenue. 

From payers to primary care providers, to private equity and FQHCs (Federally Qualified Health Centers) – Medical Advantage understands all facets of healthcare and appreciates the services that physicians provide. We have been privileged to help providers all over the country increase operational efficiency and improve their bottom line. The following are just a few examples. 

Optimizing an EHR to Streamline Workflows and Increase Revenue 

EHR technology is transforming healthcare with many positive impacts. However, physician burnout is an unfortunate and common side effect when EHRs are not functioning as they should. This was the case for a single-location, 11-provider primary care practice that lacked the resources required to fully optimize their electronic health record and practice management systems.  

Having overly complicated EHR interfaces contributed to inefficiencies and many other issues for staff and patients. Common pain points included:   

  • Staff frustration due to frustrating workflows 
  • Inaccurate reporting and low reimbursement 
  • Counterintuitive patient portals that discourage patient engagement 

Working with the practice to determine their issues and key goals, Medical Advantage EHR consultants developed a plan to turn things around, including: 

  • EHR optimization, including improved templates and modified alerts 
  • Updated EHR staff training to ensure best practices and appropriate workflows 
  • Automated billing and reporting and improved workflow to increase collection rates 

As a result, staff reported overall satisfaction with the streamlined templates and more effective EHR. Patients also benefited from more efficient visits, less waiting time, and improved quality of care. Quality scores and program performance improved and payer reimbursements improved by 10%. 

Building a New Patient Base from Ground Up 

For this newly established practice, building a patient base and brand recognition was a struggle. As a brand-new practice, this suburban provider’s largest challenge was building a patient base from scratch. The secondary challenge was establishing an online presence that was not tied to the provider’s previous workplace. Pain points included:  

  • Lack of online presence in new practice 
  • No search engine optimization (SEO) on website 
  • All online presence linked to previous practice 

A key part of this practice’s transition was to ensure everything published about the provider online was updated to reflect their new solo practice. Comprehensive and aggressive rebranding efforts led to a new brand launch to drive success. Our consultants’ tactics included: 

  • Custom website and enhanced SEO 
  • Google Ads implementation and maintenance 
  • Patient generation platform with directory listings management 

After Medical Advantage consultants implemented their plan to build a patient base from the ground up the primary care practice increased website traffic by 268%, page on rankings by 341%, and patient requests by 400% through website-generated patient appointment requests. 

Increasing Reporting Accuracy While Reducing Costs for an FQHC  

A Washington D.C. area network of community health centers with over 300 providers participates in a School-Based Health Center (SBHC) program. There was a considerable need for support for data and meeting specific grant reporting requirements, including both monthly reports and quarterly deliverables.  

The large scale of the network, combined with its limited resources, created significant challenges for the Medical Advantage team. They identified three critical issues:  

  • Limited staff, lack of support, and the need for process improvements in the data and analytics department 
  • Time-consuming, manual processes to produce SBHC grant reports 
  • Lack of coding for accurate and automated results for final submission formats 

Our consultants began this project by working collaboratively with staff to fully understand the specific reporting needs. They then developed a custom analytics solution that effectively expanded the team’s operational capacity. To optimize reporting, we:  

  • Found, investigated, and resolved coding issues that were producing duplicative or otherwise inaccurate results 
  • Eliminated a great deal of manual work 
  • Created coding to run and automate the report generation process to produce consistent results in less time 
  • Adhered to all data security regulations and compliance regarding health data 

After working through the process, the client confirmed that reporting generated by Medical Advantage achieved 100% accuracy in reporting data and reduced staff reporting by 96%. 

Saluting Healthcare Heroes Every Day 

National Doctors Day is an important reminder to make sure we thank our caregivers and recognize all they do for us. Throughout the year, Medical Advantage recognizes the hard work and dedication of doctors in every specialty across the country. We are honored to support doctors in their mission to improve healthcare outcomes for all. 

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