Medical Advantage Celebrates Women’s History Month

by | Mar 21, 2023

Women’s History Month is an annual celebration that takes place during March to recognize, honor, and celebrate the diverse accomplishments of women throughout history. In particular, it highlights how women have continually overcome societal challenges and gender discrimination to make lasting change.  

At Medical Advantage, we see Women’s History Month as an opportunity to also honor women’s countless achievements in all aspects of healthcare delivery. Taking the time to reflect on their accomplishments not only highlights their importance but also serves as a great source of motivation for future generations.  

From Florence Nightingale, who revolutionized healthcare during the Crimean War, to Barbara McClintock, whose groundbreaking genetic research earned her a Nobel Prize in the early 80s, women have shaped healthcare for centuries. We are taking this month as an opportunity to highlight our own women leaders here at Medical Advantage. 

Women Making History at Medical Advantage   

Meghan Sheridan is MSO Director at Medical Advantage and has been with the company for over eight years. Meghan has been consistently dedicated to our Core Values, setting high expectations for herself and the teams that she oversees. Meghan played a significant role in Medical Advantage’s historic growth trajectory while helping clients achieve maximum shared savings. She has been at the forefront of the ever-evolving needs of customers and is an excellent example for how her team members can evolve along the way.  

Shelby Courtney is Risk Adjustment Manager and made history by leading the delivery team for Medical Advantage’s first payer customer. Shelby has often been a leader of innovation and exemplifies Core Values by taking risks as she designs new interventions and supporting reports, resulting in improved performance and accelerated success in Value-Based Care (VBC). She most recently has been incorporated into our new Medical Advantage Managed Services Organization. Shelby continually inspires team members across the Medical Advantage family to emanate the Core Values and continues to take risks to grow our services.  

Megan Vieira is a Web Production Manager and has been with Medical Advantage for five years. She has assisted in several contractor onboardings to ensure they consistently provide the high-level of service our marketing clients expect. She also plays a vital role in innovating and implementing new processes to streamline workflows for optimal user experiences. Megan uses her collaborative approach to work with her team to create websites that promote conversions – and that our clients love. 

Darleesa Bracy is Web Support Manager and has been loyal and devoted to the Practice Marketing team since the day she started one year ago. She has helped to streamline support processes and most recently discovered a free application that support staff can use to track time, significantly reducing time spent manually tracking time and creating time tracking reports for clients. Darleesa’s drive for constant improvement is contagious and she inspires her team to be the best they can be. 

Hadia Joukhaji is a Senior IT Business Consultant who collaborates within IT and cross-functionally with other departments and clients to create a positive work culture. She consistently supports her teams by finding opportunities for growth and is generous with positive feedback. Hadia has a gift for finding strengths in her team members and helping them to shine. She is always willing to learn new skills to support new growth as well. 

Sreeja Nacharaju works in the IT Data Management Department and has been at Medical Advantage for seven years. Sreeja was an integral part of building a data warehouse that now has hundreds of processes running every day, reducing query-time, improving efficiency, and providing cost-savings over time. She wore a lot of different hats along the way from software installation to design development and implementation activities. Sreeja coordinates and handles data loads while troubleshooting issues and implementing enhancements. All of this has helped many clients successfully onboard and adopt new technologies over time. 

On’Dreia Scarber, a Senior Accountant, exemplifies Core Values in numerous ways, including by promptly supporting her team and by reaching out directly to discuss questions, issues, and needs. On’Dreia has been instrumental in helping to maintain the overall health of our accounts, including the development of a process that helped significantly improve and streamline internal workflows.  

Alissa Coulter is Manager of Project Mangement and joined Medical Advantage four years ago. Alissa started as the only PM, managing most projects, and building the PM toolkit from the ground up. She has since created a team of project managers and implemented processes that are in daily use. Alissa says her goal is to continue to grow her team to reach and support all clients with excellent standardized experiences. She also is known for being reliable, friendly, and always having the client’s best interests at the top of mind. 

Allison Solit is Director of Marketing and has been with Medical Advantage for six years. Allison oversees the growth of the corporate marketing team, provides leadership for product launches, and promotes success by connecting clients with our services through effective marketing communications strategy and thought leadership. She is valued for providing strategic direction for corporate marketing and ensuring the organization meets its goals and objectives. As a respected leader within Medical Advantage, Allison exemplifies the organization’s Core Values by engaging with fellow leaders across the organization to create and execute successful marketing strategies and empowering and enabling her team to do the same. Allison’s team especially appreciates her sense of humor, leadership, and positive attitude.  

Our Commitment 

At Medical Advantage, we are committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusivity in the workplace and beyond. The contributions of women in our organization are immeasurable and we could not succeed without them. We salute all women who break down barriers and shatter glass ceilings to make the world a better place for future generations.  


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