Medical Advantage Honors Physicians on National Doctors’ Day

by | Mar 19, 2024

Every year on March 30th, we celebrate National Doctor’s Day to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of physicians who serve our communities and attend to our most essential needs. Since its inception in 1933, National Doctor’s Day has been an occasion to honor both past and present medical professionals for their dedication and commitment to sustaining the health of individuals and communities across the nation. 

At Medical Advantage, we recognize the countless sacrifices made by physicians who are often overworked, under-equipped, and constantly exposed to risk of illness while faithfully looking after those in need. On this day, we take a moment to express our gratitude to our caregivers and acknowledge their tireless efforts. 

With a mission to simplify the delivery of efficient, high-quality healthcare for our physician heroes, Medical Advantage strives to achieve this through expert consultation and technology solutions. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with talented doctors, we assist them in improving performance, promoting better patient outcomes, and enhancing reimbursement from value-based care. 

From insurance companies to primary care providers, private equity firms, and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), Medical Advantage has a deep appreciation for the invaluable services that physicians provide. We have been honored to support providers across the country in enhancing operational efficiency and improving their financial performance. The following sections will provide more detail. 

Optimizing an EHR System to Simplify Workflows and Boost Revenue 

EHR technology has revolutionized healthcare with numerous positive effects. However, when EHRs are not functioning optimally, physician burnout is a common and unfortunate consequence. This was the scenario for a single-location, 11-provider primary care practice that lacked the resources needed to fully optimize their electronic health record and practice management systems. 

Complicated EHR interfaces led to inefficiencies and various issues for staff and patients, including: 

  • Staff frustration due to inefficient workflows 
  • Inaccurate reporting leading to low reimbursement 
  • Unfriendly patient portals that did not support patient engagement 

By working with the practice to identify their problems and key objectives, Medical Advantage EHR consultants devised a strategy to clear performance hurdles including: 

  • EHR enhancement, encompassing improved templates and modified alerts 
  • Updated EHR staff training to ensured adoption of best practices and suitable workflows 
  • Automated billing and reporting improved workflow to increase collection rates 

Consequently, the staff expressed general satisfaction with the simplified templates and more efficient EHR processes. Patients also benefited from more streamlined visits, reduced wait times, and superior quality of care. Quality scores and program performance improved, and payer reimbursements increased by 10%. 

Building a Solid Patient Base from Scratch for a New Practice  

For a newly minted medical practice in a suburban area, the main challenges were building a brand-new patient base and establishing an online presence distinct from the provider’s previous workplace. The hurdles they faced included: 

  • A non-existent online presence for the new practice 
  • A new website lacking search engine optimization (SEO) strategy 
  • A lingering online presence with a strong association to the provider’s previous practice 

A crucial step in the provider’s transition to a new practice brand was ensuring that all online information associated with the provider was updated to their new solo practice. Our consultants at Medical Advantage initiated an extensive and aggressive rebranding strategy leading to a successful launch. This involved: 

  • Building a custom website with enhanced SEO for a solid online visibility foundation 
  • Running targeted Google Ads to build brand awareness 
  • Setting up a new patient generation platform with directory listings management 

Following the implementation of our ground-up strategy to build a patient base, the primary care practice saw a 268% increase in website traffic, a 341% rise in page rankings, and a 400% spike in patient requests through website-generated appointment bookings. 

Enhancing Report Accuracy, Ensuring Compliance, and Cutting Costs for an FQHC 

A network of community health centers in the Washington D.C. area, encompassing over 300 providers, was part of a school-based health center (SBHC) program. They faced a significant need for data support to meet specific grant reporting requirements, including monthly reports and quarterly deliverables. 

The magnitude of the network, coupled with limited resources, posed a substantial challenge for the Medical Advantage team. Four critical issues were identified: 

  • Limited staff and support  
  • Need for process improvements in the data and analytics department 
  • Time-consuming manual processes in producing SBHC grant reports 
  • Lack of accurate and automated results for final submission formats due to coding errors 

Working closely with clinic staff, our consultants initiated the project by working to fully comprehend their specific reporting needs. Subsequently, they developed a custom analytics solution that effectively expanded the team’s operational capacity. To bring reporting up to standards, we: 

  • Identified and rectified coding issues leading to duplicative or inaccurate results 
  • Eliminated the excess of manual work 
  • Automated the report generation through a coding process that ensured consistent results in less time 
  • Confirmed compliance with all data security regulations regarding health data 

Following such improvements, the client confirmed that the reports generated by Medical Advantage achieved 100% accuracy in data reporting and reduced staff reporting time by 96%. 

Honoring Our Healthcare Champions Every Day 

National Doctors Day serves as an important reminder to express our gratitude to our physicians for their unwavering service. Throughout the year, Medical Advantage acknowledges the relentless effort and dedication of providers across the spectrum of vital specialties nationwide. We are continuously honored to support doctors in their mission to pursue optimal healthcare outcomes for all. 

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