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Ep. 24 Online Reputation Management & The Power of Positive Patient Sentiment

by | Feb 16, 2022

You have no control over what patients say about your medical practice online, but the influence of ratings and reviews is simply too powerful to ignore. With the overwhelming majority of patients using online reviews to choose one practice over another, online reputation is not something you can afford to be passive about. It can be a key element of growing your medical practice if managed right.

Instilling healthcare consumer confidence is perhaps the most significant way online ratings and reviews impact medical care – patients want to know they will be in good hands and the comfort of knowing what to expect on their care journey. Patient feedback lets a practice know what they are doing well and where they need to improve with patient care.  

In this episode of the Medical Advantage podcast, Bill Riley, Vice President of Marketing, and Rebekah Duke, Senior Copywriter (both of Medical Advantage) sit down to talk about how to harness the power of positive patient sentiment. This program unveils the true power of online ratings and reviews management and what you can do to proactively manage your online reputation.

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