Understanding the athenahealth Product Suite: Is It Right for You?  

by | Mar 8, 2024

As a leading player in the healthcare technology market, athenahealth is committed to transforming patient care by streamlining administrative processes through its robust, cloud-based practice management software. Understanding what athenahealth products have to offer can help you make an informed decision about whether it is the right fit for your organization.  

What is athenahealth: Product Offerings 

athenahealth’s product suite is a comprehensive array of cloud-based solutions, designed to enhance efficiency and improve care in healthcare settings. So, what does athenahealth do? Here’s a brief overview of athenahealth features for each platform: 

  • Electronic health records (EHR): Improves clinical outcomes in practices and hospitals, where healthcare providers can view their daily operations through the lens of a robust EHR service. 
  • Practice management: Provides a single real-time medical billing dashboard to track all claim and appointment-related tasks, helping to maintain schedule density and optimize practice operations. 
  • Patient engagement: Connects care more seamlessly, offering medical groups, hospitals, and health systems a range of cloud-based tools to enhance patient interaction and satisfaction. 
  • Healthcare analytics: Drives healthcare innovation by providing actionable insights and enables easy data exchange across systems for clinical and financial data. 
  • athenaOne: Simplifies delivery of quality care with customizable documentation templates. 
  • athenaCollector: Streamlines the process of billing, collections, and patient payments. 

These platforms work together to form a cohesive system, addressing various aspects of healthcare management and delivery, from patient engagement to revenue cycle management.  

What is athenaOne Software? 

athenaOne—a flagship product from athenahealth—is a fully integrated, cloud-based electronic health record platform designed to optimize workflows for healthcare organizations. By consolidating EHR, practice management, and care coordination functionality into one comprehensive solution, athenaOne eliminates the need for medical practices to juggle multiple systems, enabling healthcare providers to access critical information swiftly and efficiently. 

One of athenaOne’s standout features is its real-time access to medical records, which allows doctors and healthcare providers to make informed clinical decisions at the point of care. The platform also offers a fully functional patient portal that enhances patient engagement by allowing patients to schedule appointments, view their medical history, and communicate with their healthcare providers. 

The athenaOne mobile app extends the platform’s functionality, allowing providers to practice remotely from anywhere at any time. Providers can view schedules, sign orders, and gain real-time access to EHR data, offering flexibility and convenience. 

Despite being a comprehensive solution, athenaOne continues to improve and adapt its offerings based on the feedback of the athenahealth customer community, demonstrating a commitment to meeting the evolving needs of today’s healthcare organizations. 


The power of athenaCollector lies in its real-time eligibility checks and automatic claim scrubbing. These features work together to ensure that patient coverage is verified before services are rendered, but also any potential errors in billing codes are identified and corrected. This not only minimizes delays and denials but also reduces the administrative burden on your staff. 

Moreover, athenaCollector also employs efficient billing practices, using a rules-based engine to automatically submit claims and follow up on unpaid or underpaid claims. It tracks every claim until it is fully processed, minimizing lost revenue. 


One of the standout features of athenaCoordinator is its flexible appointment scheduling. This feature allows healthcare providers to manage their calendars efficiently, accommodating patient needs while maximizing the productivity of the practice. 

With athenaCoordinator, healthcare providers can quickly and easily send and receive referrals, ensure that all necessary authorizations are in place, and track the status of each referral in real-time. This reduces the time spent on administrative tasks, leaving more time for patient care. 

In addition, athenaCoordinator offers robust patient task management capabilities. Providers can assign and track tasks related to patient care, contributing to a smoother, more efficient workflow that enhances the quality of care provided. 


The cornerstone of athenaClinicals is its digital platform, which allows for faster access to patient records. This means that healthcare providers can have all necessary information at their fingertips, enabling streamlined consultations and improved patient care. 

One of the standout features of athenaClinicals is its intuitive interface. Designed with the user in mind, this feature allows healthcare providers to navigate the system easily, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks and leaving more time for patient care. 

Furthermore, athenaClinicals offers customizable templates, which improve the speed and accuracy of documentation. These templates can be tailored to match the unique needs of each healthcare setting so that all relevant information is consistently captured efficiently and accurately. This improves the quality of clinical encounters and helps ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Patient Engagement and Telehealth 

Telehealth technology has been instrumental in providing patient-centered care, allowing healthcare providers to see patients without the limitations brought about by travel. One of the key features of athenahealth’s platform is its telehealth capabilities. This not only eliminates the stress and inconvenience associated with traditional visits but also saves time, making care more accessible and timelier. 

In terms of patient engagement, athenahealth has developed tools and services designed to foster stronger relationships with patients and improve the overall patient experience. This includes the athenaPatient app, which provides patients with easy access to their medical records, the ability to schedule appointments, communicate with their healthcare providers, and much more. 

athenahealth MDP 

The athenahealth (More Disruption Please) MDP program further augments the versatility of the platform, fostering an innovative athenahealth marketplace where users can access third-party applications that complement the core athenahealth services. The MDP Marketplace broadens the scope of what the platform can do, enabling users to customize their experience and meet their unique needs.  

By simplifying the complexities of healthcare IT, athenahealth and its MDP Marketplace are empowering modern healthcare providers with the tools and technologies they need to deliver high-quality care more efficiently. This aligns with athenahealth’s broader mission to create a thriving ecosystem that delivers accessible, high-quality, and sustainable healthcare for all. 

About athenahealth Products: Company History 

athenahealth was founded in 1997 by Jonathan Bush and Todd Park, with the initial aim of helping women’s health clinics streamline their billing processes. Since then, athenahealth has grown into a prominent player in the health IT industry, employing approximately 5,000 employees across nine global locations. 

The foundation of athenahealth lies in the desire to modernize healthcare and move away from inefficient paper-based systems. This drive for innovation has remained at the core of the company’s ethos, guiding their development of cutting-edge solutions designed to simplify administrative tasks, improve patient care, and enhance overall operational efficiency. 

Over the years, athenahealth has championed strategic growth through mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships. In 2013, the company acquired Epocrates, a mobile health app provider, thus extending its reach into the mobile healthcare market. In 2020, athenahealth merged with Virence Health, further expanding its product suite and customer base. 

Key Benefits of athenahealth Products 

athenahealth is a comprehensive healthcare IT solution that offers a wide range of benefits, making it the best fit for many medical practices. Some key advantages of athenahealth include: 

  • Cloud-based accessibility: athenahealth is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, making it ideal for healthcare providers who operate in multiple locations or need remote access.  
  • Scalability: As patient volume increases and business needs evolve, providers can easily add more modules to your system. 
  • Data security: athenahealth implements robust measures to protect sensitive patient information, including encryption, secure data centers, and compliance with industry standards such as HIPAA. 
  • Customer support: athenahealth offers dedicated support teams to assist users with troubleshooting and optimizing utilization of the system. 

To find out more about how athenahealth products can benefit your practice, visit their website. 

Summary: What is athenahealth Used For? 

The athenahealth platform is a comprehensive cloud-based solution providing an array of healthcare products and services. It is designed to streamline medical record management, facilitate patient engagement, and improve care coordination. Central to this platform is athenaOne, a suite of integrated services that facilitate efficient delivery of high-quality care by healthcare providers.  

From electronic health records (EHRs) to practice management and patient communication, athenaOne consolidates these functionalities into a single, user-friendly platform, thus simplifying the complexities of healthcare IT and enabling healthcare providers to focus on what matters most–patient care. 

Take Full Advantage of athenahealth Products with Medical Advantage 

Medical Advantage consultants are certified professionals who delve into every aspect of the athenahealth EHR system. Whether you’re preparing for an upgrade, aiming to optimize your current system, or seeking training for your team, our experts can provide tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Their client-oriented approach ensures that your success is always at the forefront. Contact us to learn more about optimizing athenahealth product performance for your practice. 

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