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Unlock the full power of your EHR and elevate your staff’s skills with our exclusive five-part EMR training webinar seriesIn each EHR training video, our team of EHR specialists equip your organization with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve operational excellence. Whether you are looking to optimize your current system or are in the early stages of EHR adoption, our expert-led sessions provide an overview with invaluable insights and practical advice. 

Episode 1: Training as an Effective EHR Solution

In this introductory EHR training video, learn how an effectively trained team can leverage EHR technology to its fullest potential, enhancing patient care and operational efficiency.

Episode 2: Key Benefits of EHR Training

From reducing errors to streamlining workflows, find out how proper training sets the stage for success. 

Episode 3: Preparing Your EHR Training Plan

This EHR training video episode guides you through developing a tailored training strategy that addresses your team’s needs and goals. 

Episode 4: Different Types of EHR Training

From one-on-one coaching to group workshops, learn about the methods that can best support your team’s learning styles and preferences.

Episode 5: Who to Include in Your Training Committee or Task Force

In the final EHR training video in this series, discover the key roles and expertise needed on your training committee or task force to ensure a well-rounded and effective training program. 

Series: Mastering EHR: Becoming a Superuser

Episode 1: What Is a Superuser by Definition?

In Episode 1, we explore the essential role of EHR Superusers. Discover how these technology champions optimize EHR systems, making patient information accessible, secure, and efficient. 

Episode 2: How an EHR Superuser Can Benefit Your Practice

In Episode 2 of our series, we dive into the significant impact an EHR Superuser can have on your medical practice. As we explore the undeniable role of technology in patient management, with a special focus on the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

Episode 3: What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Superuser in Healthcare Settings?

In Episode 3:  We explore the multifaceted and critical roles of EHR Superusers. These champions of EHRs bridge the gap between clinical needs and technological capabilities.

Episode 4: Criteria for Selecting a Superuser

In Episode 4: Discover the qualities that make an effective EHR Superuser, from clinical expertise and communication skills to problem-solving abilities. Learn how these key individuals unlock the true potential of EHRs and drive successful adoption.

Episode 5: Important Considerations Regarding Superusers in Healthcare

In Episode 5: Discover the crucial role EHR Superusers play in enhancing patient care and supporting their colleagues. Learn who these invaluable individuals are, their unique skills, and the challenges they face.


Medical Advantage’s Comprehensive EHR Services:   

With over 20 years of experience, Medical Advantage offers a full suite of EHR services designed to streamline healthcare practices’ operations while enhancing patient care. Our EHR solutions focus on unifying all roles within a practice, with a focus on optimizing workflows and physician dashboards, which effectively consolidate patient charts, lab results, and more into a user-friendly interface. 

Our expert consultants are well-verse in seamless integration of telemedicine capabilities, allowing for a more flexible approach to patient care. This integration ensures that physicians can conduct telehealth.

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