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Extract Maximum Benefit from eCW’s Robust Platform 

Our eClinicalWorks consultants stay on top of the latest advancements, so organizations like yours can benefit from the latest technological enhancements. We’re here to guide you in maximizing efficiency, improving care quality, and adapting to the changing healthcare industry by using eCW and it’s latest version, eCW v12, to its full potential.

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 Symptoms of an Underutilized eClinicalWorks EHR 

Not using an EHR to its best ability hinders you from solving common clinical problems and challenges of the day. Common barriers to gaining full advantage of eCW’s features are: 

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Persistent Issues

Issues you expected to be resolved with an eCW update still remain. 
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Doubts of EHR Suitability

Thoughts of changing EHRs emerge, but you know that would cost too much. 
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Instructional Gaps

There is awareness of great new features, but no one has figured out how to use them properly, or those who know how are no longer with the practice. 

Get Reacquainted with Your EHR with eClinicalWorks Consulting 

Awareness of underutilization, confusion, or frustrations can often be resolved with guidance provided through eClinicalWorks consulting. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest eCW developments allowing our consultants to connect clients with the most useful features. Further, we are here to help organizations best incorporate features and integrate full functionality into day-to-day operations. Working with organizations to update clinical documentation, setups, configurations, and design a central training manual, we close knowledge gaps one by one. 

Simplified Documentation

Customizable and user-friendly patient record entry 

Increased Productivity

Powerful automation tools save time and reduce errors 

Increased Revenue Boost

Medical billing and coding efficiency recovers revenue 

Continuity of Care

Real-time patient information sharing between providers supports quality care continuity

Enhanced Engagement

Self-service tools for patients put care management right at their fingertips 

More Reliable Data Security

Peace of mind with a multi-point patient information security structure
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EHR Optimization is the Key to Reaching Full Utilization of eClinicalWorks

The upside of eCW updates is that the EHR will adjust to meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers, but the downside is that for organizations it can seem like they cannot keep up with these upgrades. For many organizations, as soon as they are close to being settled with the latest release, another one comes along. EHR optimization and training solutions within eClinicalWorks consulting from Medical Advantage keep your practice on track with eCW’s current and future iterations. 

Ready To Get The Most Out Of eClinicalWorks? 

Don’t miss out on the benefits of a well optimized system for your practice. Optimize your workflows and enhance patient care today. Contact us now to get started!

What is Included in eClinicalWorks Optimization?   

The goal of Medical Advantage’s eCW optimization is to configure the user experience and utilize all applicable features so that you get the most benefit from your EHR according to the unique needs of your organization. We listen carefully to your present feedback, assess your current utilization, and design a plan for a future that best utilizes your EHR. Our eClinicalWorks consulting will: 

  • Introduce your teams to efficient tools to identify and document quality care, including gaps 
  • Provide best practice processes for orders, referrals, and document management 
  • Guide your teams through efficient and effective patient engagement setup and strategies that promote patient satisfaction 
  • Coordinate efficient and effective workflows while also identifying what system features will best enhance the user experience  
  • Fine-tune your reporting, including improved navigation, custom reporting, more efficient report views and report scheduling 
  • Configure system security roles that ensure appropriate access according to user roles to manage risk so that only those who need to retrieve certain health information can do so 


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Medical Advantage has been a high value strategic partner of Christ Community Health for 4 years. They consistently provide a high level of eCW problem solving and process implementation informed by their experience with a variety of health centers. The service and advice they provide is practical and has been critical in helping us use our systems in more efficient and effective ways.

- CMO of Christ Community Health Services

Partner with Medical Advantage for the Best in Innovative

eClinicalWorks Consulting Solutions 

For over two decades, our experienced consultants have worked with all the leading EHR software, giving them a breadth of experience to take on any given challenge. eClinicalWorks consulting offers each system and each practice customized solutions to foster the most effective integrations between eCW software and you, the user. Our consultants – well-versed in all things eCW – apply seasoned approach to your EHR and deliver ongoing support to meet your unique needs.  

Our consultants study each facet of the eCW EHR system and stay current with updates. Whether you need help integrating a current version, preparing for upcoming updates, streamlining workflows, reducing clicks, enhancing patient engagement, or maximizing your practice revenue, we work diligently to match each need to the best solution. Our specialized consultants know the ins-and-outs of eCW and have a grasp of the best techniques to achieve top EHR performance for your practice. 


EHR Consulting Services

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EHR Optimization

Optimize user settings and create solutions to streamline workflows and improve user satisfaction.

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EHR Migration

If you’ve exhausted your options with your EHR and are ready to migrate to a new solution, our experts can make the process seamless and pain-free.
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Go-Live Support

We listen, then develop a personalized implemention to suit the needs of your practice.
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EHR Training and Support

EHR Training and Support includes efficiency tips and tricks, favorites, macros, keywords, progress notes, templates and more.  

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EHR Helpdesk

Our EHR Helpdesk offers on-demand Q&A support, along with “how-to” advice for simple EHR requests.

Flexible Timing

Whether you’re carefully planning for the future or need our team to start right away – we can meet your timelines.

Flexible Engagements

The flexibility you need. We can help across multiple locations in large practice groups, or keep the scope small to fit within your budget.
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Systems Expertise

Looking for help with another system? We’ve got you covered.

Start Getting More out of Your eClinicalWorks System Today

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