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An EHR Consultant’s Overview of eClinicalWorks Version 12

Keep Your EHR Performance at its Best by Understanding the Latest Updates 

By now, most eCW users have adopted V12. Still working behind the scenes, the developers at eCW were getting new features and enhancements (mostly AI-oriented) ready to distribute among its user base, rolling out in December of 2023. Unlocking the power of AI to revolutionize the eCW user experience is what all hope to see in the near future. Download this guide to find ow how to enhance both the EHR user and patient experience with this EHR Consultant’s Overview of eCW V12!

With This Guide, You’ll Learn About New Features Including:

Streamlined Access to Patient Data

Improved Efficiency Features

Specialty Module Enhancements

Rollout of AI Enhancements

RCM Optimizations

Patient Engagement Updates

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Medical Advantage Can Help

Let Medical Advantage guide you through a smooth transition to eClinicalWorks v12. Our consultants save you time – and money – by finding ways to streamline existing workflows and make your EHR work for you with the most recent eClinicalWorks version update. We offer pre- or post-go-live v12 training with a focus on clinical and front-office staff. Additionally, we offer training and support for v12 billing updates. 

Our consultants have years of experience in healthcare and providing eClinicalWorks EHR support. To get started on making the most of the new and improved eClinicalWorks EHR software, learn more today. 

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