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Exploring athenaOne®: EHR Features That Streamline Medical Practice Management

by | May 9, 2023

With a significant focus on integrating medical practices with technology, athenaOne® offers top-of-the-line features that streamline the documentation process while improving patient care. From authorization management, to pre encounter prep and patient encounters, athenahealth offers a full suite of solutions to improve clinical efficiency and patient care quality. To get the most from athenaOne® you want to utilize its best features, and this blog will go over some of the most popular attributes. 

An EHR System Designed to Streamline Efficiency  

athenaOne®’s user-friendly interface, robust features, and analytics make it clear why the software has established itself as a market leader. athenaOne® features enable seamless scheduling, documentation, revenue cycle management (RCM), clinical decision support, and patient portal systems. When leveraged properly, its advanced functionality streamlines processes and promotes accurate and efficient medical care.  

Improving Patient Engagement 

Medical professionals know the importance of patient engagement in improving healthcare outcomes. Patients who are actively involved in their healthcare are more likely to experience better health outcomes, and athenaOne®’s patient engagement module—athenaCommunicator — can help healthcare providers achieve this goal.  

Convenient Patient Scheduling 

One of the most critical athenaOne® EHR features is its patient scheduling capability. Patients now behave like consumers and the convenience of being able to schedule on their own is usually preferred over hold times to have it scheduled for them. The system is equipped with appointment reminders, secure messaging, and patient portal features that keep patients engaged in their care experience. In addition, by sending appointment reminders via email or SMS, patients are less likely to miss important appointments. 

Telehealth Integration 

The emergence of telehealth has dramatically changed the healthcare landscape, and accommodation many patients have come to expect from providers. athenaOne®’s telehealth feature utilizes a simple interface that allows healthcare providers to interact with their patients online using features such as video conferencing and instant messaging. This streamlines the medical care delivery process, eliminating long wait times, and increasing patient satisfaction.  

Fully Equipped Patient Portals with Secure Messaging 

Finally, the patient portal feature offered by athenaOne® allows patients to view their medical chart as well as print and share their medical records. The ability to view their medical records in real-time empowers patients to ask relevant questions, develop good health habits and take actions toward preventive care. With a patient portal personalized to their preferences, patients can communicate more efficiently with their healthcare providers. 

Another key feature that improves the patient experience is the ability to communicate securely with providers. Patients can contact healthcare providers outside of scheduled appointments, view their medical history, lab results, and request prescription refills. 

Integrated Revenue Cycle Management Systems 

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is one of the most critical functions for any medical practice as it manages patient billing, insurance claims, and payment. All that RCM entails can be complicated and time-consuming. Inefficient RCM can negatively impact the cash flow and financial health of healthcare organizations. However, athenahealth software for RCM, athenaCollector — within the athenaOne® platform — is a highly effective, cloud-based medical billing and revenue cycle management practice management solution.  

Efficient Workflow Management 

athenaOne® offers a comprehensive platform for managing patient billing, charting, scheduling, and communication all in one place – resulting in improved workflow efficiency. It eliminates much of the manual work around data entry and billing processes. Medical professionals can then spend more time on patient care, see more patients in less time, and reduce wait times for patients. 

Increased Revenue 

By reducing the occurrences of denials and other claim issues, the system alleviates disruptions in payments which helps ensure that providers receive fair reimbursements. Additionally, the athenaOne® functionality recovers revenue continuously by automating follow-up on unpaid claims, rejections, and appeals. 

Better Patient Experience:  

The athenaOne® integrated RCM module helps to simplify the billing process, ensuring that patients receive accurate billing information and clear communication throughout the billing process. Medical providers can also integrate self-service payment options, adding convenience for patients. This integration helps to reduce billing questions and complaints, improving patient experience overall. 

Improved Compliance 

Ensuring compliance with regulations — including HIPAA — mitigates the risk of violations and potential fines. athenaOne®’s athenaCollector module adheres to industry-standard coding, ensuring appropriate diagnosis and procedure codes are used, reducing the number of billing errors that could result in penalties for the medical practice. 

Empowered in Data-Driven Decisions 

Insights into patient trends, revenue growth, receivables, collections, and other essential metrics are essential to practice success. With this data, providers can make better informed decisions about their patients and the practice. Real-time data and insights also help to reduce errors, allowing for a more accurate picture of a practice’s financial standing. 

Conclusion: athenaOne® EHR Features    

The healthcare industry is continuously facing new challenges, including the demand to optimize operating efficiency, improve reimbursement, and increase revenues. athenaOne® help providers achieve that and more by efficiently managing workflows, maximizing revenue collection, and improving patient experiences – all while staying compliant and with the ability to make data-driven decisions.  

Take Full Advantage of athenaOne® EHR Features 

EHR optimization is key to activating top performance from athenaOne®. Our experienced consultants can provide end-to-end optimization services including EHR table analysis, task management system review, template assessment, patient portal functionality review, and more. Contact us to learn more about optimizing athenaOne® performance for your practice. 


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