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Ep. 45 Navigating the Orthopedic Market in 2023

by | Sep 19, 2023

Join us for an enlightening discussion of the big trends in orthopedic marketing. In this candid conversation, our panel delves into the ever-evolving world of orthopedics, bringing into focus the current landscape of this dynamic area of healthcare.

Moderated by Vice President of Marketing Bill Riley, we’ll outline the key transformations unfolding before our eyes in the orthopedic world and how those tie to digital marketing strategy. 

Despite the whirlwind of transformation, the pivotal role of online healthcare marketing remains its foothold, but not without adaptably to navigate the shifting industry landscape. Executive Consultant Michael Justice and Campaigns Manager Dyana Gebauer provide firsthand insights into the major players in the orthopedic market and what it takes to thrive. Their practical approach to digital marketing applies to an array of orthopedic subspecialties. 

Get insider knowledge on what is happening right now in the orthopedic market. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be well-equipped to make critical business decisions and chart a course for what’s next. 

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